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Chapter Purpose

The purpose of this chapter is to serve the community of SQL Server professionals in the Madison area by providing a forum for professional networking, continuous learning, and technical collaboration. In support of this purpose, MADPASS shall endeavor to accomplish the following:

  1. Actively advance and promote the effective utilization of products and services by promoting a free exchange of information concerning the use of such products and services by members of the organization.>
  2. To conduct regular meetings and host topical presentations concerned with the products and technologies of interest.
  3. Communicate user needs in all areas of interest.
  4. Perform and do any and all such other acts as may be necessary or desirable to carry out MADPASS’s purposes as determined by the Board of Directors.

The current officers are:

President Brijeet Akula
Director of Technology Keith Brockman
Director of Communications Jake Manske
Director of Membership Jeremiah Robinson
Director of Operations ** OPEN **

Office holders were initially appointed by steering committee in January 2011.  The regular term for each office is two election cycles.  The first terms of the Director of Technology, Director of Communications, and Director of Operations will servce a special term of one election cycle.


We're affiliated with the Professional Association for SQL Server. This is a world-wide SQL Server Users Group. PASS holds a US conference each year and regional SQLSaturday events throughout the year.

Officer Roles

  • President
    The President shall preside over all meetings of the chapter and Board; shall be empowered to call special meetings of the chapter or Board as necessary; shall be the principle executive office of the chapter and Board; shall be the official spokesperson for the chapter; and shall appoint committees and chairpersons thereof with the consent of the Board.
  • Director of Technology
    The Director of Technology shall be responsible for the design and maintenance of the chapter’s web presence and email infrastructure; shall administer teleconference/telepresence hardware and software; shall work with other directors to plan and implement the technology required to support Board initiatives; and shall coordinate the provisioning, setup, and maintenance of any equipment necessary for regular and Board meetings.
  • Director of Communications
    The Director of Communications shall schedule and coordinate presentations and presenters for the regular meetings; coordinate with the President to determine the content of meetings; identify vendors for meetings; identify opportunities for chapter activities outside the regular meetings; and shall be responsible for overseeing the elections process.
  • Director of Membership
    The Director of Membership shall collect, maintain, and use data regarding members of the chapter; shall serve as the secretary of the group, and is responsible for taking, organizing, and distributing the minutes of chapter and Board meetings; shall coordinate all member communications; shall be the custodian of all chapter and Board records.
  • Director of Operations
    The Director of Operations shall be responsible for coordinating and managing all financial transactions for the chapter; shall coordinate the provisioning of food, drink, and other consumables for the regular meetings; and shall provision meeting spaces for regular meetings of the chapter.




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